Friday, March 28, 2008

Book Review: Return to Me by Robin Lee Hatcher/5 Stars

About the book:

When Roxy Burke left home for Nashville, she swore she wouldn't come back until she was a star. But it's desperation that drives this prodigal back to her family, and no one is prepared for what happens next.

Roxy has crashed and burned. She's squandered an inheritance, lived a wild life, and wasted her talent. Desperate and ashamed, she now must return to her father and sister, neither of whom she's talked to in seven years.

Roxy's father welcomes his daughter with love and tenderness. But his easy acceptance is hard on Roxy's sister. After years of being the dutiful daughter, Elena feels resentment and anger toward her wayward sister.

Even more problematic is the reaction of Roxy's former boyfriend. Once a rebel, Wyatt has given his life to Christ and plans to enter the ministry. He and Elena are engaged, but Roxy's return raises questions that could mean the end of Elena's perfect future.

The Burke family faces the return of the prodigal and must reach out for healing. Will they each be able to accept God's grace?

My thoughts:

Roxy Burke has messed up bad. With almost no goodbyes, she leaves her whole life in Boise for a new life in Nashville hoping to become the next big country star. Now, seven years later, she's squandered everything, especially her inheritance, and she's no country music star. She's had no contact with her family in Boise, but returning there is really the only choice that she has. Because of the lack of contact, Roxy is completely surprised when she finds that her older sister, Elena, is now engaged to Roxy's old boyfriend, Wyatt, and a wedding is about to take place.

Now, shift to the other side of the story. Elena can't believe all the attention that Roxy's getting now that she's home. She's the modern day prodigal son. She's completely messed up her life, while Elena has worked hard for everything she's ever gotten. Elena feels like no one's giving her any credit, and she's everything short of being flat out rude to her sister. And then, of course, she questions Wyatt if any of his former feelings for Roxy have returned now that she's back home.

I saw myself relating to Elena's feelings throughout this entire book. While there were times that I wanted to beat her upside the head, I knew she had to go through the phases that she did to come to a point of forgiveness. Robin is one of my favorite authors, and every time I read something by her, that book seems to become my new favorite! This book is no exception. I hope she continues with the series (A Carol for Christmas was the first), and maybe delve into Elena's future.

5 Stars

Southern?  A little
Sass?  No

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