Saturday, August 31, 2013

Semi-Book Review: Words by Ginny Yttrup

It's been a month of Sundays since my last book review, and unfortunately, there's no plans to resume them any time soon.  :o(  However, I did want to take a moment to share about a book I read recently.  :o)

I've had the pleasure of reading two books by Ginny Yttrup--Lost and Found and now, Words.  The latter book I finished a couple of weeks ago, and I've had trouble getting it out of my mind.  I won't give away any spoilers except to say the subject matter was one that Ginny experienced personally, and knowing that it was a personal connection to her childhood brought tears to my eyes.

I loved the realness of Words.  I loved getting a deeper meaning of some words that I've used all along, but how they can mean other things in different, uglier circumstances.  I allowed myself to naively wonder how God can allow such horrible things to happen, but then allowed myself to take note of how he heals us after we've been scarred.  Ginny's books reveal man's ugly human nature, but also about the God of the universe that washes away all of our sins.

For those that have never read Ginny's books, let me warn you ahead of time that hers are deep, emotional books.  I happened to read her second book first, and there were no words to describe the way it made me feel.  It was good, but difficult for me personally and the place I was in spiritually at that time.

So, not really a book review, per se...just my thoughts about a talented author and her very first novel.  :o)


A link to more info about Words.


Many thanks to B&H Publishing for supplying a copy of Words.