Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book Review and Giveaway: Stealing Home by Allison Pittman/4 Stars

About the book:

It’s 1905 and the Chicago Cubs are banking on superstar Donald “Duke” Dennison’s golden arm to help them win the pennant. Only one thing stands between Duke and an unprecedented ten thousand dollar contract: alcohol.

That’s when sportswriter David Voyant whisks Duke to the one-horse town of Picksville, Missouri, so he can sober up in anonymity. He bides his time flirting with Ellie Jane Voyant, his unofficial chaperone, who would rather hide herself in the railway station ticket booth than face the echoes of childhood taunts.

Ned Clovis, the feed store clerk, has secretly loved Ellie Jane since childhood, but he loves baseball and the Duke almost as much–until he notices Ellie Jane may be succumbing to the star’s charm.

Then there’s Morris, a twelve-year-old Negro boy, whose only dream is to break away from Picksville. When Duke discovers his innate talent for throwing a baseball, Morris might just have found his way out.

Four individuals, each living in haunted isolation, each harboring a secret passion. Providence brings them together. Tragedy threatens to tear them apart. Will love be enough to bring them home?

My thoughts:

It's not often that books and sports come together at the same time for me. I happen to dearly love a good dose of both, and this book was the perfect solution. Baseball happens to provide the backdrop for this story, and I was a captive spectator through the whole thing. I cheered along with Duke as Morris continued to practice his pitching, and with Ned as he hoped to make a catch with Ellie Jane. Allison Pittman has created a masterpiece of a book with delightful characters and an enjoyable story that will definitely stick with you.

4 Stars

Southern?  No
Sass?  No

One other thing....

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