Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Have a Confession to Make....

I have a confession to make, and before you go thinking it's something really weird, be assured...you want to know what it is. :o)

First, let me say that I've gotten very backed up with book reviews. Hopefully, that will be resolved here in a few weeks when everything settles down. So, here's a big apology for the delay to authors/publishers that are waiting for the reviews to pop up...trust me, they're on the way!

Okay, now for my confession. Recently, I have discovered this thing called extreme couponing. Now, seriously, I had no idea it was such a HUGE thing!!! There are sooooo many websites devoted to this, and countless blogs that post updates and freebies/coupons 10-15 times a day. I have,.....um.....gotten a little addicted. (There, I've said it.) I truly had no idea how profitable this could be! I don't have all my recent savings tabulated yet (I'm waiting until the end of the month), but I'm at an average savings right now of 50% thanks to all the tips and tricks that I've learned just in the past week!

In the past, I've clipped a few coupons here and there, but I never really saw any kind of huge impact, and didn't look harder to find out how people were saving money with them. Now, I know! It's all about pairing your coupons with existing store sales. Oh, and a store that doubles coupons helps a lot, too!

Here are some of the sites I've been to in the past couple of weeks:


Trust me, that's only a handful of what's out there!

In addition to those, there are also a few coupon sites where you can print coupons right off your computer. Here's a list of those:


I won't even attempt to go into the greatness that is Walgreen's, but will instead, let you discover it for yourself here.

So....a little break away from what I normally post about on here, but I just couldn't keep it to myself! No joke, it's a lot of fun, especially when you see what you can save at the store. :o) Now, I'm trying to get the rest of my family on the bandwagon!


  1. I've gotten a bit backlogged on reviews too. I'm trying to catch up!

    I had to laugh because I often do the same thing when I develop a new interest--I must research it like crazy. :)

  2. I saw this woman in the grocery store a few weeks ago with a notebook just scribbling away while she slowly made her way through the aisle looking at the shelves. I assumed she was doing some price research in order to come back and save a ton of money for her family. But maybe she was doing research for an article. Or a secret shopper critiquing the store. But my first instinct was she was a crazy deal shopping, coupon wielding lady. I just don't have the patience or energy for bargain searches. I didn't inherit that gene from my mother. Probably because she made me sort through her shoebox of coupons I had to hold on my lap in the cart when we went to the grocery store ;0)

  3. That women honestly might have been price-matching. That's something that's encouraged, especially if you're very brand-specific so you can be assured that you're getting the best price.

    Another thing I've learned is not to spend too much time on it because after awhile, it really can feel like a chore. It seemed like it took a little more time to get my system set up, but now that it's in place, I don't have very much to fool with...just keep clipping and filing them away, as well as watching all the ads like a hawk. :o)

  4. My blog home has moved!! Please update your link to me if you have one, if not come see me!!


  5. I'm going to check those links out because it's nice to save money in times like these. Thanks for the info! Fifteen times a day! Wow.

  6. Watch out, CeeCee....it's hard to stop once you get goin'! :o)

  7. I use a few coupons, but I mostly buy off brand. We live in such a small town that there aren't many stores to choose from - and no doubling of coupons. Saving money is always good though. :o)

    I have an award for you on my blog. :o)

  8. Hahaha you sound like my mum! SHe is coupon crazy, she's the laddy who gets a whole buggy full of groceries for $20 so I know the "awesomeness" that are coupons! :-P

    XOXO~ Renee

  9. I'm not sure I have the energy for extreme couponing. And I usually forget the few coupons I clip out -- they are still at home when I'm at the grocery store :(


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