Thursday, February 16, 2012

Book Review: Love Finds You in Lancaster County, PA by Annalisa Daughety/4 Stars

From the very first page, it became clear to me that I was definitely going to enjoy this story.  I had a wonderful time with some of these characters in Annalisa's previous LFY book that was set in Charm, Ohio, and I was so happy that their story was continued here.

One thing that completely surprised me was how much this was more a contemporary tale than an Amish one.  It's no secret that I love almost every single Amish book I pick up, and while this one was minimally Amish, it made it no less a great read.  I found myself caught up in the public turmoil that Caroline's husband had put her through, and craved the peace that she ultimately found in Lancaster.  I was equally caught up in Lydia Ann's story as she struggled with the major decision of relocating to Lancaster from Charm.  And if those things weren't enough to keep me glued to the pages, there was a little twist that showed up about halfway through, and by that time, I had no intentions of setting this book down!

Another thing that I was impressed was the setting itself.  Because so many Amish stories are set in this area, there's not a whole lot left to feature in yet another book set in Lancaster....but don't let that stop you from giving it a try (it didn't stop me).  :o)  I could easily visualize the covered bridges that Michael and Caroline visited, as well as the restaurants and taverns that they visited with Simon and Lydia Ann, and there was just enough to have me itching to go there and see all of it for myself.

And lest I get too carried away with any more details, I'll leave this review with one final note.  This was the third book that I've read by Annalisa, and while I was impressed with all the details that are mentioned above, what impressed me the most was that I could tell that she has grown as an author.  I won't lie...the first book I read by her wasn't a favorite of mine, but I'm a big proponent of giving authors a second chance to make a first impression.  And now having read two more books of hers since then, I can say without a doubt that I will be purposefully going out of my way to read more of her books down the road.  (That might have a little something to do with all these *Southern* books she's got coming up here shortly...)  :o)

4 Stars

Southern?  Yep.  Caroline was from Georgia, and occasionally, she'd say something that oozed Southern charm.  Just the right amount all the way around.  :o)
Sass?  No

Summary of Love Finds You in Lancaster County, PA:

Two women with nothing in common except the need for a friend and a fresh start.

When Amish-born Lydia Ann Raber and Southern belle Caroline DeMarco discover a shared history of loss, the unlikely duo decides to open a gift shop in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Lydia Ann is surprised to find herself drawn to handsome woodworker Simon Zook. When God offers her a second chance at love and family, will she take it? Or will the secret Simon harbors cause her even more heartbreak? For Caroline, love comes in the way of newspaper reporter Michael Landis. Their low-key romance is a dream come true for Caroline, a fugitive from an infamous past. Is Michael to blame when the paparazzi start hovering once again, or can Caroline trust him with her heart?

Visit Annalisa on the web, or click here to read an interview that she did with me a few months ago.


  1. Great review, I agree with you, giving authors a second (and sometimes third) change is important to me too. Unless I just really, really did not like the book. ;-)

    I really want to read her book that she just wrote for the Barbour line.

  2. Me, too, well as another one she's got coming out soon set in Memphis (believe it's called All Shook just know it'll have something to do with Elvis)!


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