Thursday, December 6, 2012

Book Review: Dawn Comes Early by Margaret Brownley/4 Stars

About the book: 

Looking for a woman of good character and pleasant disposition willing to learn the ranching business in Arizona territory. Must be SINGLE and prepared to remain so now and forever more. Will be given ownership of ranch. --Eleanor Walker

Disgraced dime novelist Kate Tenney fled the city that banned her latest book for a fresh start at a cattle ranch in the Arizona Territory. She hopes ranching turns out to be as romantic as she portrayed it in her novels.

But what awaits her is a much harder life. There is no room for mistakes on a working cattle ranch in 1895, and Kate is ill-prepared for her new life. She quickly learns that dawn comes early . . . every day. But she is tenacious.

Having been abandoned by a string of men, Kate has no intention of ever marrying. But she didn't expect to meet Luke Adams either. Luke awakens feelings inside Kate she doesn't recognize, and his steady presence is a constant distraction. She has only written about love in the past, never known it herself. But her feelings for Luke stand in the way of all she has to gain if she is chosen as the heir.

Perhaps God brought Kate to the barrenness of the desert to give new life to her jaded heart.

My thoughts:

Lately, my reading time has been "catch as catch can" with no continuity whatsoever, so to say I was very pleased that I picked up Dawn Comes Early would be a great understatement!  This was my first experience with one of Margaret's books, and I already know I will be coming back for more.  Her writing style was so different from other historical fiction authors in that, her characters were so entertaining and full of life and spunk, and frankly, just plain unique.  I loved them!  The storyline in itself was unusual because I was fully expecting a romance, but when the back cover said the heroine must be "prepared to stay single now and forevermore"...I knew the author had something up her sleeve.  :o)

With one tiny exception of a lull around the 200-page mark, Dawn Comes Early provided me with a wonderful reading experience that will prompt me to recommend it to several friends.  I'm anxious to see what happens next!

4 Stars

Southern?  No
Sassy?  Yes

**Many thanks to Nancy Berland PR for providing a copy for review.

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  1. Hm... I've been thinking that historical is no longer my "thing," Christy but perhaps, I'll have to try this author yet. :)

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Wow...I'd hate it if historical was no longer my "thing!" Rissi, there are some true gems out there, most notably from Sandra Byrd and Laura Frantz if you're looking for my top recommendations. I'm eager to get a hold of another Margaret Brownley book to see how I'll like her style far, it's a winner. :o)

  2. I haven't read this one yet, but I LOVED her first series.

    1. I have finally acquired all of the books in the first series, and can't wait to start them! :o)

  3. I haven't read Margaret Brownley, but your review makes me want to check this out. Love the cover.
    2 Kids and Tired Books

    1. The cover is even better in person, and the title fits the story quite well, too. From the peek I got at the next book, it's cover is equally as pretty. :o)


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