Sunday, March 4, 2012

This Book is a Masterpiece - Lost and Found by Ginny Yttrup/5 Stars

Simply put...this book is a masterpiece.  There are so many layers to the story and characters that as you go deeper and deeper, it is impossible to not be affected in some way.  For someone who may be going through their own spiritual journey, this book is chock-full of wisdom and insight into the plans that God has for his children. 

What was most enlightening for me was the fact that on this side of heaven, I will never truly "understand" everything about God and his plans.  That became clear as I looked at Proverbs 3:5-6 in a whole new way.  So often I try so hard to know everything, including the things of God.  I want to figure it all out, wrap it up in a package, and say, "Now, I've figured it out."  But truly, who am I kidding?  No one but myself.  That's why those verses now have knew meaning to me.  I'll never think of them the same way again. 

This book is not for everyone.  Granted, lots of folks should read it, but I guess what I mean to say is that if you're not spiritually prepared for the truths contained within, you may just cast it aside.  In all honesty, I almost did that very thing.  I had to get almost halfway through it before I really allowed myself to soak in its wisdom.  So...bravo, Ms. Yttrup.  You've given me a memorable experience with a novel that I won't soon forget.

5 Stars

Southern?  No
Sass?  No

Summary of Lost and Found:

It appears Jenna Bouvier is losing everything: beauty, family, and wealth. When her controlling and emotionally abusive mother-in-law accuses Jenna of an affair with her spiritual director and threatens to expose them, Jenna also risks losing her reputation as a woman of faith. Will she capitulate to her mother-in-law’s wishes again or fight for what she holds dear? As Jenna loses her life, will she find it?

Andee Bell has found exactly what she wanted: fame, fortune, and respect. There’s also a special man in her life—Jenna’s brother. Despite her success, a secret quells Andee’s contentment. As memories torment, will she find peace in a relationship with God, or will she sabotage herself while also taking down the only person she cares about? As Andee finds her life, will she lose it?

Moving between San Francisco and the Napa Valley, Jenna and Andee form an unlikely relationship that leads them to a crossroad. They can follow familiar inclinations, or risk it all and walk in faith.

**Many thanks to B&H Publishing for providing a copy for review through NetGalley.

**If you'd like an opportunity to win a copy of this spectacular book, visit this link to read a fun interview I did with Ginny, and then, fill out the form for a chance to win.  Hurry...the contest ends on Tuesday, March 6!


  1. Thanks so much, Christy!

  2. Great review. Love honesty. There are so many things we will never know and it always fascinates me that doctrinely that is what people fight over the most.


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