Thursday, August 20, 2009

Author Spotlight: Jessica Adriel

Today, I am featuring a very special guest and a new friend of Jessica Adriel. I have just had the wonderful privilege of reading both of her latest books, Drawing Marissa and Forgiving Sean. We're going to talk about Jessica's books today as well as a few other things, I'm sure! :o) Welcome, Jessica!


How did your journey begin as a writer? When I was a kid, I played library. I would make my mom take me to the library and I loved to check out books. I just didn't like to read them. I began writing seriously in high school, everyone says they start with poetry but I really did. I wrote over 800 poems by my senior year.

If you weren't a writer, what would your dream job be? (this is assuming, of course, that writing is your dream job) :o) That's easy: A Marine Biologist. I fell in love with Sea World in 5th grade.

How much of your own personal experiences do you use for your books? Most of it. I've had a rather vibrant life. I use stories I was either involved in or observed.

Tell us about the books that you currently have available. The Chatham series follows the young Marissa Gladstone through the perils of teenage life with a deceased father and a sudden miscarriage. Running head on into the stigma's and rumors of her past, Marissa encounters God through a series of events that lead to her spiritual awakening and salvation. The greatest part of the story, is who God uses to draw his daughter back to him. In the second book, Marissa comes face to face with the father of her unborn child and the secret that tore their relationship apart. When Marissa is forced to choose between a new path or an old one, the readers experience for themselves that life long bonds are formed through physical intimacy and first loves...and even though there is forgiveness, wholeness is a virtue only God can give.

You seem to have a handle on the issues that teens face today. Besides writing, are there any other areas where you're able to help and provide advice to teens? Yes, I speak to small groups, at conferences or retreats and even at a local Mom's night out, homeschool meeting or a mother-daughter breakfast. We talk about dating, courting, relationships, etc. I have a lot to share and speaking to groups helps get that message across. There is contact information on my website

What do you hope your readers take with them after reading one of your books? Hope. Hope that God is real, and that He is listening. Hope that they too can tune into hear his voice, and feel his tender call. God is with us even when we feel alone and under a mountain of pressure. I want my readers to know that He is waiting for the invitation to show up in their lives.

I believe the last book in the Chatham Series will be available next year. Do you have any other books that you're working on for the future? Yes, The Great Erin Walker was a novel I penned back in 2006. It's being revamped for the teen market and deals with a lofty teen model who takes a nasty fall due to her pride. And when love finds her, she sees that its been right in front of her the whole time. The book delves into mother daughter issues, self-esteem and physical boundaries in dating.

What authors do you enjoy reading? I'm a big Non Fiction Reader. I enjoy Sigmund Brouwer, Francine Rivers, William Young.

When you're not writing, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I love board games, I shop online (big pocketbook fetish) and I research a lot of history, especially the slave trade era.

Where can readers find you on the web? I have a Facebook fan page with great updates and insight, and my website is another great source. I hope to release Hawke's journal this winter...its a precursor to Hawke's Tale the final book in the trilogy.


Jessica, thank you so much for joining us today! It's been a real treat! :o)
Readers, be watching later on this week for a review of both of Jessica's books. Trust me, even if you're an adult, you won't want to miss these 2 great young adult books!

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