Monday, September 13, 2010

Book Review: The Bride Blunder by Kelly Eileen Hake

About the book:

One Name...

When Gavin Miller hires on to set up a gristmill for the prospering town of Buttonwood, Nebraska, he's looking to build more than a business. For the first time, Gavin is in a position to request the hand of the woman he's never forgotten; Miss Marguerite Chandler.

Divided Between Two Cousins,

When Marguerite's cousin steps down from the stage, Gavin realizes the terrible blunder he's made. While he never forgot Marguerite was the French word for Daisy, he'd failed to recall that the two cousins shared their grandmother's name, and Marge was the nickname of the wrong Miss Marguerite Chandler!

Equals Big Trouble for Three Hearts!

Marge rejects his offer of marriage when she discovers the truth and goes about setting up a school in town. She's found a place in Buttonwood, but just when Gavin's beginning to think maybe Marge holds a place in his life, a distraught Daisy descends upon the town with a broken heart-and a broken engagement.

Can God's will become clear even after The Bride Blunder?

My thoughts:

The Bride Blunder was a good conclusion to the Prairie Promises series by Kelly Eileen Hake.  While I must confess that book two, The Bride Backfire, was my overall favorite, The Bride Blunder served to wrap up a few loose ends with one of my favorite characters, Midge.  I really wanted to see her find the perfect mate, and believe me, she does.

What really disappointed me was that this was basically three stories in one, and at times, I simply lost interest.  I wish that Marge and Gavin's story had been more in the forefront, but unfortunately when it was, it seemed to be the same thing churned over and over again.  On the other hand, Daisy's portion of the story was really good, and I loved the determination she found in herself toward the end. 

But I've saved the best character for last....cranky Ermintrude.  Well, who wouldn't be cranky all the time with a name like that?!?!  Don't think for a second that she's not gonna give you a piece of her mind, even if you don't ask for it.  She had so much spunk and personality that, at times, she had me roaring with laughter!  Every western needs someone like her.  :o)
While this wasn't my favorite book of Kelly's, I am definitely a fan of her work.  The first two books in this series were very well-written, and I'm eager to get my hands on some of her other books.  The Bride Blunder gets a rating of 3 Stars.
**Many thanks to Barbour Books through NetGalley for providing a copy for review.


  1. IS this the third one? I so need to read it, but I'm just not doing well with sitting at the computer to read these days. AppleBlossom won't let me!

  2. Yep, it's the third one. I actually got to read all three through NetGalley, which was really nice. I can't read at my computer for a long period of time b/c it kills my eyes, but I usually manage to read some at lunch from time to time if I forget to bring a book with me to work. :o)

  3. Thanks for participating in Christian Book Review Round-up!

    I've only gotten to read the first book in this series so far but the other two are on my wishlist. Looking forward to reading them!


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