Monday, June 13, 2011

Mailbox Monday

This week's Mailbox Monday is gonna be short and sweet with just book covers and sources.  But don't leave too just might want to read one of these!  :o)

 Once in a Blue Moon by Leanna Ellis (Author giveaway...sweet, too. She challenged everyone to help their family choose a name for their new kitty.  Well, we all chose girly names because we thought it was a girl.  Nope, turned out to be a she thanked 5 of us for our suggestions with books.  I like deals like that, don't you?)  :o)


  1. That's neat how you won a copy of Once in a Blue Moon! :) The author is awesome, isn't she? I thought that book was great in a quirky/cool way. :)

    I'm planning on starting her latest book, Forsaken soon, which I just got in the mail today! It's an Amish Vampire book that will release this August. Can't wait to see how she handles this topic! ;)


  2. Thanks, Amber! Yeah, it was pretty funny actually. And they ended up naming him Sawyer (based on Josh Holloway's character from LOST), which I told her was totally approved. ;o)

  3. Money Secrets of The Amish looks interesting. I read Once In A Blue Moon -- good. I liked Ellis' Elvis Takes A Back Seat too.


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