Friday, August 19, 2011

Christian Historical Fiction Authors That Aren't Allowed to Retire....

....ever.  At least, that's my opinion on the subject.  Not that they'd ever listen to me personally, but here's to hoping!  :o)

At some point in time, I've had the enormous pleasure of reading at least one book (if not several) by the authors on this list.  I have recommended their books countless times, loaned out several, and even convinced a few people at the bookstore and library that they should take home a particular book with them!  No lie...I have also been known to *semi-stalk* people at the bookstore and library to see what they grab off the shelf in the hopes that I can strike up a book conversation.

(Oh, dear, I've gotten off track....)

Ahem...  Allow me to introduce to you some of my favorite Christian Historical Fiction authors.  Maybe there's one here that you might like to try out.  :o)

*In no particular order*

Francine Rivers
Julie Lessman
Angela Hunt
Diane Noble
Laura Frantz
Sandra Byrd
Susan Page Davis
Kathleen Morgan
Kim Vogel Sawyer
Amanda Cabot
Nancy Moser
Allison Pittman
Deeanne Gist
Lynn Austin
Lisa Bergren
Robin Lee Hatcher


  1. I agree with all of those and I will add one more - Liz Curtis Higgs!

  2. Laura, one of these days I plan to read one of her historicals. So far, I've only ever read her first two contemporary novels, which were both very good!

  3. I agree although I've never read a book by Angela Hunt and I'm going to add Ronie Kendig, Siri Mitchell, and Jody Hedlund to your list. Sheesh I could go on and on there are so many great ones out there now!!!


  4. Renee,

    Ronie Kendig writes CHF? I did not know this...hmmm... :o)

    I've read one book by Siri Mitchell, and it was good, but it didn't stand out like some other books have. And Jody Hedlund very likely might make the list here in a few weeks. I'm about to read both of her books very soon. :o)

    And girl, get to reading some Angela Hunt!!! Mercy! :o)

  5. If you haven't read Bodie Thoene, you need to check her (and her husband Brock)books out. I read and loved her Zion series many years ago and loaned them out so many times they were well worn. One of the all time premiere series in my opinion. Greatly helped my understanding of WWII and the Israeli/Arab conflicts.

  6. Pam,

    A friend of mine read their Zion Covenant series (at least, I think that's the series that starts with Vienna Prelude), and raved about them! They've been waiting on my bookshelf for quite some time.

  7. Yes, the Thoenes are great! I've also enjoyed Janette Oke, Colleen Coble, Jen Stephens, Sharlene MacLaren, Roseanna White, Penny Zeller, and another ten or so dozen. ;) It's true, there are so many out there!

    P.S. I prefer the Zion Chronicles series. :) Though the Covenant series is also good!

  8. *Sigh* I love her books so much I thought she should be included in the list!!! LOL yeah she doesn't write CHF. :-P

    XOXO~ Renee

  9. Charity,

    Thanks for another recommendation for the Thoenes! And I cut my reading teeth on Janette Oke. I doubt there's many of her books left that I haven't read.


    LOL! I didn't think she did, but couldn't help but ask. :o)

  10. Hello, Christy! I'm going to feature this blog entry in this week's FamilyFiction newsletter. Thanks for your list!

  11. Juju~

    I should've thought of her sooner! Can't believe I didn't add her to the list.


    Thank you for the feature! :o)

  12. This is a great list! I'd probably add Liz Curtis Higgs as well, and MaryLu Tyndall. I'm glad to see Kathleen Morgan. She's one of my favorite historical Scottish authors.

  13. Agree with your list and the others that have been added. I would add Kathi Macias, Linda Weaver Clarke, Michelle Sutton, Deborah Raney,
    and more. I agree that we have many wonderful Christian authors and they are keeping us supplied in books to read. Thanks to every one of you.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  14. Have you read Lena Nelson Dooley, Martha Rogers, or Andrea Boeshaar?

    Andrea and Martha write prairie romances and Lena writes historical fiction. If you're interested in these writers, I'd love to send you a copy of each of their books and perhaps they would make your next list!


    Kim Jones
    Publicity Coordinator
    Charisma House
    kim.jones at charismahouse dot com

  15. Yeah, that would be my list too!!!!

  16. I would have to Add Jule Klassen and Susan May Warren To your list. Both are excellent authors(and from Mn too)

  17. Yes, the Thoene's are great. I love the Shiloh Autumn Series. I will add Lauraine Snelling, love her books; Michael Phillips,I love the Secrects of Heatherleigh Hall Series. I've read all of Jeanete Oke plus I own all the movies made from her books, Beverley Lewis is another great writer. I've learned so much about the Amish from her. Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller are also great writers. I love all of these authors.

  18. Christy, You're the very best! I spy quite a few of my favorite authors on your list, too:) Thanks for being such a huge blessing!!


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