Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 10 Books on My Wish List This Fall

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I am horribly remiss in participating in memes on a weekly basis.  I'd love to find just *one* that I could follow through with...for once in my life.  Maybe this will be the one.  *wink*

So, the Top Ten List this week is something to the effect of one's personal, most wish-listed books.  I'm going to go along with the main post by compiling a list of books scheduled to release between Sept. 1 and Nov. 29, which is my birthday.  Every one of these books would be a lovely gift to receive...maybe I should point my hubby to this post.  :o)


1.  Forsaking All Others by Allison Pittman - This is book 2 in Allison's Sister Wife Series, and I have no doubt it will be as *incredible* as the first one!  It's a little out of the norm when it comes to Christian fiction because it follows the early days of the Mormon church and the practice of polygamy.  Scheduled to release 10/1/2011.

2.  The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall - After just meeting Cindy in person earlier this month, I'm so anxious to read her newest book.  I've not been disappointed yet with any of her books.  Scheduled to release 10/4/2011.

3.  Love on the Line by Deeanne Gist - Anything by Deeanne is a must-read.  Her mix of edgy writing and humor always make for fabulous stories.  :o)  Scheduled to release 10/1/2011.

4.  A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander - Don't shoot me, but I've not yet read one of Tamara's books, despite countless recommendations to do so.  I'm intrigued by this one mostly because 1) it's historical and 2) it's set in TN, my home state.  And do you see that cover??  Love!!  Scheduled to release 11/1/2011.

5.  The Lady's Maid by Susan Page Davis - Ever since reading Susan's Ladies Shooting Club series, I've been eager to read another one of her historical novels.  The cover of this one is beautiful to me, too.  Scheduled to release 10/1/2011.

6.  Shadow in Serenity by Terri Blackstock - I always go for Terri's books when I want a good suspense story that's tied together with a social issue.  Lately, she's been writing a series of books that deal with drug addiction that have been impossible to put down.  Shadow in Serenity is bound to keep me occupied until I can get my hands on the next book in her Intervention Series.  Scheduled to release 9/27/2011.

7.  Baby, It's Cold Outside by Susan May Warren - A few months ago, I got my first taste of Susan's books, and I'm hungry for more!  This one sounds like a perfect Christmas read, and it's releasing well in advance of Christmas to give me plenty of time to read it and get in the Christmas spirit.  :o)  Scheduled to release 9/1/2011.

8.  From Ashes to Honor by Loree Lough - This book has been on my radar for a long time now, and kudos to Loree for writing a book based on the events of 9/11.  I've only read books by Loree that included a good dose of humor, so it'll be interesting to transition to something more serious from her.  Scheduled to release 9/1/2011.

9.  A Necessary Deception by Laurie Alice Eakes - I've been wanting to give Laurie a second chance ever since I read her last novel, Lady in the Mist.  It was a good book, but it just needed a little more focus.  I'm hoping this next full-length novel will be better than her last.  Scheduled to release 10/1/2011.

10.  The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson - Last, but certainly not least, is Melanie's second novel.  Her first novel was wonderful, and it was young adult to boot (which I don't read a lot of)!  What makes this book extra special is that it's scheduled to release ON my birthday, which, I believe, is a first since I've been reading CF devoutly for the past few years.  ;o)  Scheduled to release 11/29/2011.


Geez, after all that, I wish it was my birthday like, tomorrow!  Oh, well...patience is a virtue, as my dad is known to say.  I suppose I can wait.  It's not like I don't have enough books to occupy me in the meantime!  :o)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a great list, Christy! And happy (almost...) birthday! :)

    I love looking forward to what's releasing next! On your list, I'm really looking forward to Cindy's, Tamera's, Deeanne's, and Melanie's! I hope I get to read those one's (at least I'm scheduled to review Deeanne's - woot!).

    Not on your list, I can't wait for Torrent (just ordered it today!!), Julie Lessman's, Alice Wisler's (A Wedding Invitation), and several others. Oh, why do I even try to narrow it down? I'm looking forward to a ton! ;) How I love reading!


  2. Thanks, Amber!

    I'm looking forward to Julie's book, too, and hopefully, it'll be on the way to me soon. I signed up for Alice's and Deeanne's books today through CFBA...both look very good!

    I hear ya...no point in narrowing it down! It's too hard! :o)

  3. Undoubtedly a great collection. I wish I get them all. Loved your blog. Keep it up.

  4. I have been waiting for Forsaking All Others since I read the last page of For Time And Eternity. What a great book. I had not seen Warren's Christmas offering before. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh! I cannot wait to read Deeanne's or Tamera's latest books. Right now I am reading one of Tamera's and it's good but not my favorite - this new one sounds "different" though.

  6. Yay I'm not the only one dreaming of Christmas books :)

    Baby It's Cold Outside sounds good.

  7. Beckie,

    Me, too! I couldn't help but put Forsaking All Others at the top of the list. When I finished FTAE, I couldn't believe she left me hanging!


    Hmmm...it's always interesting to hear opinions from so many other readers, esp. when it has to do with books from a popular author. I've been trying to incorporate more "Southern" novels into my reading, and Tamera's newest sounds like a good addition. :o)


    You know, it's a bummer that there aren't more Christmas novels this year! Last year, there seemed to be a whole slew of them, and this year, I've only seen about 4 or 5 scheduled to release. Boo. :(

  8. Wow -- you alerted me to some new releases that slipped by my radar! Can't wait for Melanie Dickerson's next one. And I just discovered Susan May Warren too. And Cindy Woodsmall + Christmas is a given. Not sure about the Sister Wife one though. Did you read the first one? How would you describe it?

  9. I am looking forward to about half of the books on your list myself. :) I'm really curious of Eakes's new one shows some more "polish" and focus in the prose department -- her first had promise.

  10. Kav,

    I have a feeling that Melanie's next book is gonna be off-the-charts good! I loved the fairytale tie-in she did with her first book (Sleeping Beauty), and this new one will follow the Beauty in the Beast storyline. She'll be here for an interview in November, so be sure to stop back by because I know she'll be giving a copy of it away! :o) And as for Allison's books...I've not read one of hers yet that I didn't thoroughly enjoy. This new series is a bit unusual to be considered CF, but it shares the history of the Mormon church, and how they drew their believers like moths to a flame. Camilla, the main character, is torn between what she was taught as a child from the Bible, and this new "faith" that she's married into. Very good reading, I promise you that! :o)


    I agree with you completely. Her last book was right on the edge of being exceptionally good, and like you, I hope this new one shows more polish.

  11. I just requested Allison's book to review! LOVED that first one. What a great list! I can't wait for a great deal of those books too. The covers get my heart rate up. ;-)

  12. Casey,

    I *just missed* requesting it on Tyndale! I'm in the middle of a book from them that I have to review before requesting another one. Hopefully, they'll offer it again! *crossing fingers*

  13. Christy: You're right. There were more last year. Let's hope that changes. *fingers crossed*

    BTW, I added you to the Must See Christian Book Blogs at the bottom of my page :)


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