Monday, November 28, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 1 with Special Guest Vickie McDonough!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog this week for my Birthday Bash!  

Ya know, I need something to get my mind off of my big 3-0 birthday this week, and what better way than to have a party with some of my favorite authors.  But this isn't your typical birthday party...nope.  Why's that?  Because all of the presents are being given away to all my friends!!  It doesn't get much more fun than that.  :o)  So, pull up a chair this week, enjoy some brief chats with some great CF authors, and grab a piece of cake...there'll be a different flavor every day.  :o)

Now, for today's special guest...Vickie McDonough!


If you could choose one place in the whole world to visit for your birthday, where would you want to go and why?

We have ancestors from Ireland, and I've always wanted to visit there.

Do you have any special memories of the year you turned 30?

I was the frazzled mom of 3 boys, all under 8 years old then. That was back in our days when all the boys played soccer. I remember one day when it was very cold out, and my dad and I had parked the car almost behind the goal box where my third son was playing. He was just five then. I remember one of his team mates racing toward toward the goal, but the goalie caught the ball. Then the goalie lobbed the ball over his head, and Eric was standing just a few feet away. I was afraid Eric was going to get hit in the face, but just as the ball got to him, he bent forward. The ball hit the top of his head, bounced off, and into the net. Dad and I both yelled. That was only one of the few goals Eric ever made, but it sure was a memorable one.

If you could only give one book to me for my birthday (not including your own), what book would I find underneath the wrapping paper?

You're asking a book lover to choose only one book? That's so hard. One of the best books I've read in a while was A Tailor Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer. The interaction between the hero and hero was fantastic!

That one's been sitting in my TBR for awhile now, so it's great to hear a good recommendation for it.  *smile*

And now for the most important question of all... What’s your favorite flavor of birthday cake? :o)

Would you believe my family doesn't do birthday cakes? We do birthday pies--and my favorite is French Silk. But if you twist my arm and make me choose a cake flavor, my favorite is plain, ole vanilla or else carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

The horrors of not doing birthday cake?!  Haha...just kidding.  :o)  I'd take a slice of French Silk pie any day, too...although vanilla cake and carrot cake would do in a pinch.

Now, for today's present!

 There's one copy of Vickie's latest book, Long Trail Home, up for grabs.  Simply fill out the form below to be entered in the drawing.  :o)  Contest is open until Sunday, December 4th, and winner will be announced Monday, December 5th. US addresses only, please.


  1. Happy birthday, Christy!! So glad to have the chance to join in the party!! :D And oh my goodness, you haven't gotten to a Tailor Made Bride yet?? Hurry and go read it! You'll LOVE it! :D Karen is an author to stalk! LOL. :)

  2. Thanks, Casey!!! My birthday is actually tomorrow, but wishes given in advance are much appreciated, too. ;)

    Yep...I'm a slacker on sooo many books, particularly CHF ones. I've got 2 (maybe all 3?) of Karen's books patiently waiting in my TBR.

  3. Happy Birthday, Christy! Thanks for inviting me to your bash! I'll pop back in during the week to see what's happening. Blessings!

  4. CHRISTY!!! HAPPY 30TH, GIRLFRIEND!!! And if you think "30" is bad, just wait till you double it. :|

    Love, love, LOVE Vickie McDonough -- both as a writer and a person, and Long Trail Home is AWESOME!!!

    And would you believe I've had Karen's book in my TBR list for WAY too long now, so I need to move it to the top of the list, sounds like. :)


  5. Renee,

    You are most welcome! I hope you'll have a fun time here this week. :o)


    Thanks for those exciting birthday wishes!!! I not to think about any other large birthday numbers that are so, so, soooooo far into the future! :o)

    Sounds like we're both in the same boat with our TBR piles. Thank heavens I don't actually HAVE all the books in the boat or it would sink, I have no doubt! LOL!

  6. Happy Birthday, Christy!! Welcome to the 30s. (Tomorrow) I didn't realize we were so close in age! I still felt just as young as always until I got a letter in the mail saying that my health insurance was going up since I turned 30. Way to make a person feel old! ;)

  7. Happy birthday, Christy!! :) And I'll just chime in here and say that I loved A Tailor-Made Bride, as well as her other 2 books! Can't wait for Short-Straw Bride! :D


  8. A very Happy Birthday to you, Christy :)

  9. Happy birthday Christy. I agree with Julie - just wait until you double it. I am still wondering how it happened so fast!

    Yes, take everyone's advice and read Karen's books asap. They are that good.

  10. Tammy,

    Thank you so much! I didn't realize we were close in age, either!

    And I know what you mean about the insurance costs. Before I got laid off my from job last month, we were about to go through open enrollment. I couldn't believe that my health insurance was going to be going up starting Jan. 1 to over $400 a month!!!! costs more now than ever! Thankfully, after all the job chaos, I was able to get on my hubby's insurance with little disruption. :o)

    But mercy, you're absolutely right...way to make a girl feel old!

  11. Amber,

    Thanks for your birthday wishes, too! Reading one of Karen's books is becoming a unanimous recommendation around here! :o)

  12. Faye,

    Thanks so much for coming by to wish me a happy birthday! I'm so happy to have been able to make another friend this year. :o)

  13. Pam,

    Always wonderful to see you here, and thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm wondering how I arrived so quickly at 30, married for almost 10 years, but still no kiddos. Not that I'm complaining, mind you...I'll enjoy all that uninterrupted sleep for as long as I can. :o)

  14. Happy Birthday Christy! I love your blog. I would like mine to be more like this with so many options. Thanks for the invite!

    Do enjoy those nights of uninterrupted sleep! I have four living children and one on the way (and one in heaven) - I never sleep the whole night one of the four is always sneeking in the room for something (or to crawl into our bed). :-) Not that I'm complaining either.

  15. Hey Christy Happy Birthday! Treasure each day because each one will bring blessings. Hugs!
    I own books 1 and 2 would love to win book 3. I enjoyed the first two so very much. Thanks for the oportunity to win a copy of Long Trail Home.

    Have a Blessed Day,
    Patricia aka Mamaw

  16. Happy Birthday Christy but I gotta say if one of the reasons why you're worried about turning 30 is that you'll look older don't worry! If I would have had to have guessed I would have pegged you for 25. Seriously! I hope you enjoy your b-day! Have fun, you deserve it. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  17. Abbie,

    Thank you so much for coming over, and for those sweet birthday wishes! Sounds like your life is never without excitement with all those kids! :o)

  18. Patricia,

    Great to see you here again this week! I always smile when I see your name because it makes me think of my hubby's grandma who is known as "Memaw." Thanks for wishing me happy birthday!

  19. Renee!

    Just what I needed to "hear" (and read)! I don't want to look a day over 25! :o)

  20. Happy Birthday Week!!! Turning 30 is awesome! Life just gets better and better with age :) Have fun and enjoy each day. Remember: You're only as old as you feel ;)

  21. Thanks for stopping by, everyone. I wish I had enough books to give one to everyone. And thanks for the nice comments from those of you who've read Long Trail Home. (Waving at Jule & Patricia)

    I hope you have a very happy birthday, Christy, and thanks so much for hosting me on your blog.

  22. Hey, who can resist birthday cake? Or French Silk Pie?? Or an historical book by Vickie??? Count me in!
    Great interview, Vickie, it was good to learn a little more about you. :)

  23. Katelyn Whitley11/29/2011 12:13 PM

    I love the interview! Omw! No B-day cake? I'll have to try French Silk pie someday. Happy Birthday! Hope I win so I can read this book. Sounds very interesting! :)

  24. Happy Birthday to you, Christy!!! Great interview!

  25. Oh I would do pie instead of birthday cake too! And French Silk is divine! Great interview! Happy birthday to you!

  26. I doubt a cake has ever been baked that I wouldn't like. Pies too. My favorite Aunt used to make a lemon pie that was sooooooo good. I've never been able to create the same.
    Happy Belated Birthday!

  27. Happy belated birthday.
    I just became a follower of your blog.It looks like a great place to visit.
    donna v.

  28. Chocolate!!! (Oh! I guess you weren't asking me.) Happy Birthday! My happy half-birthday: Nov. 30.


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