Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthday Bash Day 3 with Special Guest Ginger Garrett!

Y'all, this has just been the greatest week ever, and we're only at the halfway point!!!  If I haven't personally thanked you yet in the comment section, let me take this moment to let everyone know how much I have appreciated all the birthday wishes and comments.  :o)  Yesterday was indeed a wonderful birthday, and from now on, I'm convinced that I will forever be "29."  My new boss took me out for a wonderful lunch today, and my husband and I spent the evening with my family at one of my favorite Italian restaurants.  And even better...I actually did get to eat a *real* slice of coconut cake.  :o)

But now, time for today's special guest--Ginger Garrett!!


If you could choose one place in the whole world to visit for your birthday, where would you want to go and why?

Texas! My birth place and favorite place on earth. I'd visit the Alamo and say hello to the picture of James Garrett, a martyr who died there. We claim him as part of our family, but I don't know how certain that is.

My husband has been to Texas a couple of times, and the farthest I've ever been inside the state is Texarkana (doesn't really count, in my opinion).  :o(  I really would like to actually visit someday!

Do you have any special memories of the year you turned 30?

I had been told I would never have children, and had lost a pregnancy after a car accident. I was heartsick beyond repair. But my husband invited all my friends and family over for a birthday party, and I looked around the room, seeing all these smiling faces. It healed me. I was loved. And for that night, it was enough.

Sounds like you have a keeper of a hubby.  :o)

If you could only give one book to me for my birthday (not including your own), what book would I find underneath the wrapping paper?

Beowolf in hard cover. I named my beloved Bearded Collie after Grendel, so it's a story I will always cherish. Nothing ever made me giggle more than waiting in the vet's office, and having a technician call out, "Grendel's mother? Come this way please..." If you know the story, you know that she was the most horrid, ugliest monster in all the world!

And the most important question of all. What's your favorite flavor of birthday cake? :o)

German Chocolate!!

Oooo, that's one of my favorites!  I could eat the icing alone by the spoonful!


Well, I hope all of y'all grabbed your slice of German Chocolate cake today!  I know I did!  And while you eat it, take a look at today's present--a copy of Ginger's latest book, Desired.  :o)

First of all, isn't that cover just gorgeous?!  And secondly, if you haven't had the chance to read this vivid retelling of Samson and Delilah, then I hope you'll sign up for today's giveaway.  Just like the previous two days, simply fill out the form below to be entered in the drawing.  Contest is open until Sunday, December 4th, and winner will be announced Monday, December 5th. US addresses only, please.

Also, if you missed Monday or Tuesday's post, click here for Monday's visit with Vickie McDonough plus a giveaway of her newest book, and here for Tuesday's post for a chance to win a pack of three books!!

Thanks for stopping by again today!  I hope you've been having a blast with all this fun this week!


  1. I haven't seen many (if any) books on Samson and Delilah's story. Neat! This would make for a very interesting read.

  2. Ginger, "DESIRED" looks SOOOO good!! And Texas is one of my favorite places!! I'm a Missouri girl, but if I had to choose another place to live, it would be Texas!! Thanks for the chance to win your book and Christy -- GREAT WAY to celebrate a birthday, my friend!!


  3. Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday, Christy!! :) Thank you again for this awesome party week!

    I'm excited for another chance to win this book - it looks awesome! And the cover really is gorgeous! :D


  4. I would love to win this!

    Sounds like her hubby turned a bad time into a special night. Awesome hubby.

    Thanks for the amazing contest.

  5. YES! The cover IS gorgeous! Would love to read this. Loving the continued birthday celebration. Great interview!

  6. So glad you had such a wonderful birthday, Christy :) Lovely interview.

  7. Katie,

    To my knowledge, this is the only CF version of Samson and Delilah, and it's goooooood!


    Thanks so much for coming over again today! Your comments always bring a smile to my face!

  8. Carrie and Amber,

    That cover really is gorgeous, right? Trust me, in person, it's 10 times better! And if you want more cover love, check out her covers for her backlist (drool alert)!

  9. Juju,

    You're absolutely right...he sounds like a diamond in the rough. :o)

  10. Julie and Faye,

    Thanks again for coming by, ladies! Y'all have made me feel like my birthday has been a daily event with those sweet birthday wishes! :D

  11. Love your interviews. I always read something new and interesting here.

  12. We live in Missouri but were in Jonestown and Dallas last weekend. Got caught in a white-out snowstorm in Arkansas on the way home Monday. Stopped and stayed overnight; fortunately was dry the next day. I haven't had coconut cake in a long time. That sounds yummy! Happy birthday week! November 30th is my happy half-birthday.


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