Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been doubly tagged...

I've been tagged by 2 fellow bloggers, Laura Davis and Caprice Hokstad, so here we go..... :o)

Here are the SIX RULES of tagging.
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3. Write six random things about yourself.
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6 Random Things About Me....

1. I missed being the Valedictorian of my Senior class by a tenth of a percent.
2. I have never broken a single bone.
3. I lived with my in-laws for the first 5 years of my marriage. Most would think that I had lost my marbles by doing that, but I truly have the greatest in-laws.
4. I've sung Southern Gospel music in a group with my parents for the past 10 years.
5. I do not like the smell of coffee AT ALL. I refuse to ever own a coffee maker, and I have only allowed one in my house on one occasion to accommodate my husband's grandparents.
6. It has always been my secret wish to own my own craft store one day.


  1. Oooh! Me too! I love crafts! Especially scrapbooking. What is your favourite craft?

  2. It would have to be a tossup between cross-stitching and jewelry making....too hard to choose just one!!

  3. hi!!! visiting from PBS (i'm sarahstorms over there)

    glad to find your blog...

    ooh, and i'm crafty, too, i loooove scrapbooking and probably drive my hubby nuts with all the supplies all over the place!


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