Saturday, December 20, 2008

Crazy Eights

I found this blog over at Patrick's Place, and I couldn't resist answering these questions myself. And as Patrick said, "If you find yourself reading this, consider yourself tagged! :o)

8 TV Shows I Watch

  • Survivor
  • Bones
  • 24
  • Heroes (although I haven't been very interested in this current season)
  • Lost
  • The First 48
  • Iron Chef America
  • My Name is Earl

8 Favorite Restaurants

  • Bol a Pasta
  • O'Charley's
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Firebird's
  • Steak and Shake
  • New York Pizza Cafe (local pizza place)
  • Corky's
  • Steak Escape

8 Things that Happened to Me Today (not much has happened to me, so I'm changing this to what I've done today instead):

  • I slept in.....something that I've needed all week!
  • Finished a book
  • Watched The Bishop's classic Christmas movie that I have never seen until today.
  • Talked to my friend, Jessie, on the phone
  • Checked my email
  • Spent far too long playing games on Facebook
  • Watched a replay of Iron Chef America--a special with Paula Deen :o)
  • Tried to figure out all of the answers for this blog

8 Things I Look Forward To

  • Going to see my friend, Jessie and her family sometime tonight
  • Seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra in town on Tuesday night! :o)
  • My four-day weekend next weekend
  • Christmas Day
  • The New Year
  • Doing some renovations on my house (next year, hopefully)
  • Alex being finished with school
  • Having a family one day
8 Things I Pray For
  • My family
  • My friends
  • To be more like Christ
  • Those less fortunate
  • Patience
  • Purpose
  • Direction
  • Safety

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