Friday, February 27, 2009

Book Review: The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck/3 Stars

About the book:

Haley Cutler is the consummate trophy wife. Perhaps was is the more accurate term. Haley married Prince Charming when she was only twenty—back in the day when highlights came from an afternoon at the beach, not three hours in the salon.

Unfortunately, after seven years as Jay Cutler's wife, a role that provided significance and what she thought was love, Jay walks out, and Haley finds herself with few life skills that translate to the real world, not to mention a sense of amnesia about who she used to be. But before Haley can find her way, she must meet with Jay's lawyer, the strikingly handsome Hamilton Lowe. Although she can't stand his self-righteous contempt for her divorce, she takes his suggestion to attend a group at his church called "The Trophy Wives Club," a Bible study composed of women who have been dealt a raw deal. Haley's never been into the whole Jesus thing but could really use some friends to walk her through this phase (how do you apply for a credit card anyway?).

As Haley begins to realize that she really can stand on her own two feet, she also learns that sometimes in losing we find the real reward . . .

My thoughts:

This is my third experience reading Kristin Billerbeck's books, and I can always count on her books to give me a good laugh. And while there's a good dose of humor in this book, The Trophy Wives Club deals with a very difficult topic: divorce. I cannot imagine being blindsided with a divorce after being married to a man I thought loved me, but apparently, never did. This is exactly what Haley Cutler experiences, and this book follows her journey of self-discovery.

Personally, I know I would've immediately reached for the tub of chocolate frosting as well as had a TV marathon with Maury and Judge Judy just like Haley did. But I also know that after a few days of doing that, I would realize that it's time to try to turn my life around. The good news for Haley is that she has a wonderful new group of friends from a local church--The Trophy Wives Club--who have experienced everything that she is just now getting a taste of. Through these great friends, Haley turns her life around dramatically, and has a few things handed to her that I thought weren't very realistic. Honestly, how many people do you know that have million-dollar condos that they don't live in, and will let you live there rent free? Not to mention, friends that have connections in the film industry, and just happen to have a job waiting for you?

Overall, I liked the premise of the story, and I definitely had a good laugh (blondes walking into walls is a hilarious mental image). But as I kept reading, this book slowly kept going downhill. In addition to the things I just mentioned, I have to admit that the ending ruined the book for me. I already knew how it would end, but I was so hoping for something different from everything else out there.

The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck was published by Avon Inspire and was released in 2007.

3 Stars

Southern?  No
Sass?  A little

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