Friday, October 2, 2009

September Searchings

I always wonder how people get to my blog. Most of the time, visitors are followers. Then, other times, they arrive from other websites. But what about all the rest?

Back several months ago, I caught a post somewhere where someone was wondering this same thing. She did a monthly recap of search terms that caused people to arrive at her blog. Some were just down right hilarious! She credited Google Analytics with getting her these results. (On a side note, if you don't have your blog/website set up with them, I highly recommend it.)

Starting this month, I'm going to start doing a blog post about this detailing the previuos month's search terms. While it may sound boring at first, a few of these just make me laugh! I hope you'll enjoy last month's September Searchings!


"southern things" - Well, there's fried chicken, sweet tea, BBQ, antiques, sports.....the list can go on and on. :o)

"girl on cover of Though Waters Roar (Lynn Austin)" - Isn't she gorgeous? Can't wait to get my hands on that book! :o)

"how to create a southern sassy character" - Step one....hop on a plane to the South!

"marcia lee, north pole, ak" - Are you trying to locate this person? j/k! I will be featuring a review of Love Finds You in North Pole, AK by Loree Lough in a few weeks. Maybe Marcia Lee is the main character. (?)

"simply sassy in cordova, tn" - I've heard of this place! Definitely very girly with lots of pink!

"sassy girl drawings" - You know, I really wish I could draw well. I tried it in art class in high school, but with little success.

"loree lough on shoutlife" - Go to (like a Christian myspace) and search Loree Lough in the authors section. You'll find all you need to know there!

"extramarital affair and rick burgess" - I have absolutely no idea about this one, nor do I have any idea who Rick Burgess even is. Anybody else have a clue?

"wordsmith kid electrolux" - What an odd combination of words!

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