Monday, May 23, 2011

Mailbox Monday

I got some great books last week, not only from the mailbox, but also from the store, too.  :o)  Kinda bittersweet at the store as it was a sweet, Christian used bookstore at the mall that's going out of business...and they were practically giving the books away.  :o(

The books in the first stack came from the discount store, and the other half came from the used bookstore...with the exception of Shelley Rushing Tomlinson's book.  Had to splurge and buy that one full price based on the title alone!  You better believe I'll be writing up a review of that one when I finish's a Southern book through and through.  :o)

What about you?  Get any great books last week?


  1. Quite a haul! I'm jealous. I got a few but they were older books that were seriously discounted. That, my Kindle freebies and what I can get publishers to send me is what mostly makes up my reading habits. I splurge once in a while - but it used to be a couple books a week - now it's a couple books a year. :o(

  2. Wow! Looks like you will be busy for awhile! I have just recently read Mindy Starns Clark book The Amish Midwife which was real good. I really like her as an author. I also like Ann Shorey and have read all three of the Belden series. She is a good author too.

    Since I am relatively new to your site, I don't understand your Wild Card tour. I have read Robin Caroll's book and really liked her books too. I just finished the third book in that series. She keeps you moving through her books... never a dull moment! In fact I am getting spoiled with authors that keep the story moving, that when I run into an author that doesn't, I can't seem to keep reading if it drags.

    I will be watching for reviews on these books!
    Candace Betts


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