Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hangin' Out with Kate Lloyd!

Thanks so much for joining me today to meet another fabulous Christian author--Kate Lloyd!

I confess that I initially thought Kate was a debut author because I've seen her latest book, Leaving Lancaster, featured several places online.  But it wasn't until I visited her website that I discovered Leaving Lancaster is her second novel.  Oh, well...didn't make me any less eager to get to know her better!  :o) 

Hope y'all enjoy our chat today!


Not including writing, what was your first job?

Working in a fabric store, then managing a craft & gift store.

Oh, I'm so jealous!  It has always been a wishful dream of mine to own and operate one.

What is one movie that you could watch over and over again?

Gone with the Wind!

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

Filing my stacks of papers and notes ... Make that organizing my whole house!

What food do you love, even though you know you shouldn't?

Dark, dark coffee with whole whipping cream.

Which magazine do you pick up when you're stuck in a waiting room?

I almost always bring my own reading material and a note pad. In a bind? A gardening magazine.

Have you ever met anyone famous?

Many, most in the world of science, education, and medicine.

What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?

Talking back. My parents were strict but tolerant, but some of my teachers were not amused.

You're next in line to audition for American Idol. What song do you sing for the judges?

I don't think a Mozart, Handel, or Gilbert & Sullivan aria would win. Probably a piece from Phantom of the Opera or another musical. PS: I don't suffer stage fright.

I don't suffer from it, either, but there's no way I could pull off a Phantom about tough!  But oh, what a show to see in person!


Kate, it sounds like you and I would never run out of things to talk about in a conversation...there are so many things we have in common!  (Except the coffee....this gal is a tea drinker all the way.)  Thanks so much for taking the time to let us get to know you better.  :o)

Folks, if you'd like to connect with Kate online, visit her website or connect with her on Facebook.

And as always, there's a book up for grabs this week!  If you'd like the chance to win a copy of Kate's new book, Leaving Lancaster, simply fill out the form below in it's entirety before Tuesday, 3/27, 11:59PM CST, to be entered to win.  Giveaway is limited to US residents only, and void where prohibited.  Odds of winning are based upon number of entrants.

Good luck, and see y'all next week with another fabulous author!

**Many thanks to Jeane Wynn from Wynn-Wynn Media for her help in coordinating today's interview.


  1. I love Amish stories and haven't read Kate's books. I want to know what it is she does to meet so many famous people in those areas :)

  2. Thanks for the fun interview. I'm following Kate's FB page, and I love the cover of this book!

  3. Anne, I did not have your typical upbringing. My mother was a sculptress and my father was head of the Classics Dept. at U of W. Read about him at

    Thanks, Renee! I love the book cover too!

    PS: best to enter book giveaway on my Website: on Contact page.

  4. Kate! I read the article...that is so cool!!! I was actually reading it out loud to my husband and sons and they named the Enigma machine before I even got to that part :) I think we're suitably impressed here! Thank you for sharing that.

    I went to your website and entered too!

  5. Thanks for taking the time to read about my father, Anne! The article does not mention many of his other accomplishments and the fascinating people my parents invited over to dinner.

    Two Leaving Lancaster book giveaways! One is here on the blog! Thanks, Christy!

  6. Good to meet a new author, I noticed you are fan of movie "Gone With the Wind" this is my all time favorite. I wanted to meet this man Rhett Butler when I first saw the movie and then watched him in many others as years rolled by.
    I will be looking for your book - like to read all stories of the amish. I wish life were that simple again...
    Paula O

  7. Thank you, Paula! The Amish life isn't always as simple as it appears ... Maybe you'll win a free copy of Leaving Lancaster on this blog or my Website!

    My favorite year for movies is 1939! And the best movie that year was Gone with the Wind!


I love your comments!! They make me happier than cold sweet tea on a hot summer day! :o)