Thursday, March 15, 2012

Litfuse Blog Tour and Book Review: Beauty for Ashes by Dorothy Love/4 Stars

If possible, I think Dorothy Love's sophomore novel is better than her first!  It's been a long time since I stayed up past midnight to finish a book to it's very last page.  :o)  Another bonus?  That cover...isn't it gorgeous?!  The covers for all three books in this series really deserve a hand of applause for their beauty.  I could stare at them for the longest time... *sigh*  And yet another bonus?  It's set in my home state of Tennessee, and I couldn't help but appreciate all the references to cities, towns, and landmarks that I'm familiar with. 

I think I related more to the heroine in Beauty for Ashes than I did the heroine in Beyond All Measure (Dorothy's debut novel).  I've been in that place before where if something could go wrong, it did go wrong, and like Carrie, I've hoped that I could run away from those problems so someone else could sort them out.  Unfortunately, life has other ideas, both in the real and fictitious worlds, and Carrie's world was pretty much turned upside down more than once.  It was a cross between heartbreak and frustration as I read about her relationships with Nate and Mary, but those feeling were soon replaced with admiration because of her strength of character.  No matter what, she wasn't going to quit.  No matter what, her irritation at the lot she'd been given in life was not going to overwhelm her.  She was going to make it through this storm God had sent her through (first the loss of a husband, then being the third wheel in her brother's new marriage), and come out stronger on the other side.

Griff's character was a good addition to the story, but I didn't connect with him as much as I would've liked.  It always seemed like he was hiding something, even until the very end.  Most likely, it was the drifter in him that made me wary.  However, I did enjoy the portions where he worked as a horse trainer, and the references to the newly-created Kentucky Derby.

When I connect with books on a personal level, it's always easy to recommend them.  It's extra-easy in this case because this book is a winner.  :o)  I can't wait to journey back to Hickory Ridge one final time when Dorothy's final book in this series, Every Perfect Gift, releases later this year.

4 Stars

Southern?  Absolutely.  :o)
Sass?  No

Summary of Beauty for Ashes:

She’s a beautiful young widow. He’s a Southern gentleman with a thirst for adventure. Both need a place to call home.

After losing her husband in the Civil War, Carrie Daly is scared she will never have the family she longs for. Eligible bachelors are scarce in Hickory Ridge, Tennessee, but Carrie has found love. Not the weak-in-the-knees kind, but something practical. Still, she isn't quite ready to set a wedding date with Nate Chastain.

Griff Rutledge is a former member of Charleston society, but has been estranged from his family for years. He’s determined to remain unattached, never settling in one place for too long. But when asked to train a Thoroughbred for an upcoming race in Hickory Ridge, he decides to stay awhile.

Despite objections from the townsfolk, and her fear that true happiness has eluded her, Carrie is drawn to Griff's kindness and charm. It will take a leap of faith for them to open their hearts and claim God's promise to give beauty for ashes.

**Many thanks to Litfuse Publicity and Thomas Nelson for providing a copy for review.

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  1. I love a book that can keep me up past midnight :)

  2. Looking forward to reading this novel - and the first! Both look and sound great. =)

  3. I have signed up on facebook to Dorothy's page, she looks like a wonderful author and cant wait to read this book.
    thanks for sharing your review with us, I am looking forward to the party on the 20th...
    Paula O


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