Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CFRB Blog Tour: The Wordsmith, the Kid, and the Electrolux by Clifford Leigh

This month, CFRB presents The Wordsmith, the Kid, and the Electrolux by Clifford Leigh.

About the Book:

"I was not certain if the whole world I had fallen into was upside-down and I was right-side-up, or vice versa."

Young Corey's secret life began the day his father refused him a cup of coffee. It drew him, again and again, to the coiling dragon on his father's green Chinese box and to the Carnival Surprise of the ice-cream man, Mr. Good. But he had no idea his desires would propel him with a whoosh into the strange, dark closet...or a headlong, terrifying fall and the adventure of a lifetime. It was a strange day...but nothing like the night Corian Griffin met the Electrolux.

Fantasy. Adventure. Surprise. A tale of growing up and growing wise.

About the Author:

Clifford Leigh is an author and illustrator, has had numerous gallery exhibitions in SoHo, and, as “Chief Idea Person” to Pop Artist Mark Kostabi, his work is exhibited in major galleries and museums worldwide. His continuing collaboration with Kostabi most recently produced an illustrated Book of Genesis and pieces for Pope Benedict XVI.

Cliff is also a designer for Evergreene Achitectural Arts, the world’s largest art and historical restoration firm. His design work can be seen in notable buildings such as The Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the White House complex, St. Peter’s Church, San Francisco, the Miami City Hall, Grey Towers Historic Preservation, the Allen County Courthouse, and the Meridien Grand Opera House.

Cliff lives in New York with his wife and three sons. The Wordsmith, The Kid, and The Electrolux was entirely written and illustrated during his daily three-hour train commute. He is currently working on its sequel, Islandship River.

Visit the author's website and the WKE Blog.

Purchase The Wordsmith, the Kid, and the Electrolux at Amazon, Amazon Kindle, or Barnes and Noble.

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