Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm About to Have Some Fun!

This week, I was offered the coolest opportunity since I've been blogging. Now, I love reviewing books, and helping authors spread the words about their great books, but this is gonna be something altogether new for me entirely.

In just a few days, I'll be doing my first product review. YAY!!!! :o) I'll be getting the chance to review 3 different products from the website and website which carries items from a stool to silverware. Both are a part of which is huge, I tell ya. If you can't find something on there you like, well, need to get out more. :o) . Now, I've left out one other important piece of information. I have an addiction to Food Network, and especially a few certain celebrity chefs like Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, Pat & Gina Neely, and Paula Deen. And now, I'm about to get to review some of Paula Deen's products from the website! Hooray!! :o)

Now, one of these products is a book...a cookbook, actually, and I just know it's gonna be FULL of great information to help people like me out in the kitchen. Now, I'm not a bad cook, at least according to my husband, but every girl needs tips and tricks to make her food taste just a little bit better....especially when we're talking about Southern food. :o)

Then, to go along with the cookbook, I'll also be reviewing 2 of Paula Deen's pieces of stoneware, this one and this one. I can already smell the great food that's about to come out of my kitchen thanks to CSN Stores and Paula Deen.

Oh, wait....there's MORE! I'll be hosting a giveaway for some Paula Deen goodies, too! One of them is a copy of the cookbook that I'll be reviewing plus one other surprise. :o) So, be watching in the next few weeks because we're gonna be having ALL kinds of fun over here!

**A HUGE THANK YOU to CSN Stores for this awesome opportunity! :o)


  1. Ooooh, I look forward to your reviews! I love Paula Deen too, but I have just one more celebrity chef to add to your list: Guy Fieri. Don't make me Google the correct spelling. Glad to know another foodie.

  2. I like Paula Deen also, she is a Southern Lady like myself, she even talks like me you know ye'all


  3. Lucky you! She seems so nice too. Every time I watch her I think she would be a ton of fun to just hang out with ~ plus the food would be to die for.

  4. Lucky you!!! Hope the cookbook and stoneware don't disappoint!



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