Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Review: June Bug by Chris Fabry

About the book:

June Bug believed everything her daddy told her. That is, until she walked into Walmart and saw her face on a list of missing children. The discovery begins a quest for the truth about her father, the mother he rarely speaks about, and ultimately herself. A modern interpretation of Les Miserables, the story follows a dilapidated RV rambling cross-country with June Bug and her father, a man running from a haunted past. Forces beyond their control draw them back to Dogwood, West Virginia, down a winding path that will change their lives forever.

My thoughts:

This book literally left me speechless after I turned the final page. Tears were streaming down my face, which is a rarity for me with any novel. This book had such a tenderness to it, particularly with the love that a father has for a daughter. That struck a chord with me since I am so close to my father, and as a girl, looked up to him for everything. But it also dealt with the harsh realities of life, and how, despite the best-made plans, things just don't always turn out the way people want them to.

I loved the connections to Les Miserables. Knowing that there were similarities in the storylines, I was a little bit impatient for things to play out like I knew they did in Les Mis. Instead, the author just gave a little morsel every now and then, and before too long, I realized that he was retelling only part of the story of Les Mis, and sometimes, not sharing details as they happened, but rather in retrospect. This may make the story sound unappealing, but trust me, when those connections with Les Mis occurred, it was oh-so-powerful.

Trust me on this one thing....if you're looking for a book that is lyrical in it's storytelling, and one that will resonate with you long after you've finished it, then you can't go wrong with reading June Bug. I am soooo eager now to go back and read Chris' first book, Dogwood. If it's anything like June Bug, then I doubt I'll be disappointed at all. June Bug has earned a spot on my favorite books list, for sure.

5 Stars

*This book was provided to me free by the publisher.

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  1. This book is in my TBR pile and your review just made me all the more anxious to get to it!!! Can't wait to read it! Love your blog,btw!!

    Blessings and Hugs.
    Molly @ Book Reviews by Buuklvr81

  2. I love Les Miserables and this book sounds wonderful. I'm going to have to add it to my TBR pile. Thank you for a terrific review. :o)

  3. Molly ~

    Thanks for the compliment! You'll definitely enjoy it! :o)

    Lee ~

    I'm a big fan of Les Mis, too, although I've only seen the stage and movie versions...never read the book. I'm anxious to hear what you think when you get a chance to read it. :o)

  4. That's what I hear about this book! I must pull it off my TBR!


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