Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have a Cricut on the Way! Yay!

I guess it's time for my sweet-talking skills to go on vacation because I've got the best anniversary present on it's way to me very soon! I've been working on hubby for the longest time to get one of these, and he finally relented last night. Hopefully, it'll arrive at my doorstep just in time for our 8-year anniversary on May 18. :o)

So, what's the big gift, you ask? Well, I happened upon this crafty infomercial several weeks ago, and I just could not pull myself away from the tv. The big item they were selling..... a Cricut Expression! After watching just 30 minutes of all the awesome things it can do, I literally had drool running down my chin, and my wishing genes were on overdrive.

The things this little machine can do are amazing!! Of course, it helps just a little, teeny, tiny bit if you've got some creative skills already. The big selling point that they have is that this a great tool for scrapbookers. Well, scrapbooking is my least favorite craft right now, but I imagine that by the time hubby and I have a bun in the oven, I'll be rethinking my love of it. This machine can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, and almost anything else you can think of that's not too thick....oh, I can't wait to start using it!!!

Hopefully, it'll arrive a little quicker than what I'm expecting. As soon as it comes in, I think hubby will have to drag me out of my craft room...I have no doubt this thing will be very addictive! Stay tuned now, y'all....I'll be sure to post my first project on here very soon!


  1. YAY for you, Christy!! :D

    My youngest sister is into all kinds of crafts -- she got a Cricut this past Christmas, and she LOVES it! She uses it for all sorts of things.


  2. I've seen these and wondered what they were... well haven't actually seen the machine, but the sticker on craft store windows... :)

    Hey can you change the address in my button to That'd be fabulous! Thanks doll. We should get together....

  3. Lori~

    I bet your sister is having a ball with hers. I'm just itching to get mine! :o)


    I got your address changed on your button. :o) And yep, we need to get together sometime's been awhile.


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