Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book Review: The Gunsmith's Gallantry by Susan Page Davis

About the book:

Can the shy gunsmith and the widowed storekeeper find love when everything around them is in an uproar?

Hiram Dooley has problems—women problems! His sister’s about to leave him to get married (if Sheriff Ethan Chapman ever proposes); his sister-in-law, Rose, thinks Hiram should marry her, since they’re both widowed; and the woman he truly loves, Libby Adams, is blind to his regard.

The schoolmarm has a different problem—a man claiming to be her uncle came to Fergus. . .and then disappeared. Did her father kill him? Can the Ladies’ Shooting Club once again ride to the rescue?

My thoughts:

Once again, I loved visiting this little town of Fergus, Idaho. It's a little place where everybody knows everybody, and they all want to see each other succeed. Of course, there's a few ruffians and troublemakers, but between the town sheriff and the Ladies Shooting Club, they don't stay around for long!

If you haven't read book one in this series, I highly suggest that you start there first. The Sheriff's Surrender is a good introduction to the whole town and its citizens, and it's got a good mystery to go along with it. The Gunsmith's Gallantry was a little different. It dealt more with getting to know the characters more which I really appreciated. The only thing I would've liked more of was Hiram! Bless his heart, he's the most soft-spoken character I've ever come across in any book, much less in real life, and it's almost unnatural to me for someone to speak so little. Oh well, guess that's what gives him his charm. :o)

I also liked reading more about Isabel and her father, Cy. While I didn't really care for either of them in book one (Cy still wasn't a favorite of mine in book 2), I genuinely cared about Isabel's future in this book. I can't wait to see if things will turn out like I'm expecting them to between her and a certain gentleman in book 3.

All in all, if you like a good western story that's got a good dose of something from almost every genre, then you can't go wrong with the Ladies Shooting Club series. I'm so glad that I only have to wait until November to read book 3, The Blacksmith's Bravery!

4 Stars

**Many thanks to the author for sending me a copy to review.

**Click here to read my review of book one, The Sheriff's Surrender.

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  1. Another wonderful review, Christy!

    I can't wait to read this one, and it's on the way to me now. :)



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