Friday, September 4, 2009

Book Review: A Steal of a Deal by Ginny Aiken

About the book:

It Was Supposed to Be a Simple Trip . . .

When gemologist Andie Adams gets a chance to go to the Kashmir region of Pakistan for a mission trip, she jumps at the opportunity to spearhead the efforts. But her boss at the S.T.U.D. home shopping network wants to turn the trip into another on-location shoot for the station. And that means Andie's hunky but irritating co-host Max is part of the deal--can't a girl get a break?

When a mysterious death lands Andie and Co. in hot water, it's only the beginning of their problems. Between Pakistani prisons, suspicious gurus, and tension in the S.T.U.D. family, this trip is turning into a disaster.

Will all of Andie's worst fears about Max be realized? Does she really want the know-nothing pretty boy out of her life? Or is it already out of her hands?

My thoughts:

I really enjoyed book 1 of this series, and had really high hopes that the next book would be just as good. Sadly, I was slightly disappointed. One of the main things that endeared me to book 1 was that much of the storyline was set in the south, which is where I'm from. I picked up on so many little nuances like sweet tea and antiques, and it was so easy to relate to. So, the fact that 2/3rds of the book was set across the globe in Kashmir just wasn't as exciting for me.

During the time the gang was in Kashmir, I found myself struggling to read the book, and it was more than just not liking the setting. Everyone's dialog seemed a bit disjointed, and there were times that I had trouble following along. Also, the "who-done-it" was very predictable, and I knew who it was very early on.

I do plan to read the last book in the series, A Cut Above, just to finish out the whole story. Book 3 so far picks up immediately where book 2 leaves off, and I'm just hoping that I'll like it a lot more.

3 Stars


  1. This series sounds interesting and a real adventure too!

  2. I agree that the first book was really good!

    I seem to remember trying to read this one when I got it, but just couldn't get into it ~ it's been sitting on my shelf for over a year now. :( Since you didn't really like it, it will probably sit there awhile longer! LOL

    ~ Lori


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