Saturday, September 12, 2009

Countdown 2010 Challenge

Guess I just can't stay away from the challenges. :o) I just finished one last weekend, and I guess I'm a glutton for punishment since I decided to start up another one. The Countdown 2010 Challenge is being hosted by 1morechapter.

So, here's how it'll work....

1. The goal of this challenge is to read the number of books first published in a given year that corresponds to the last digit of each year in the 2000s — 10 books from 2010, 9 books from 2009, 8 books from 2008, etc. The total number of books required, therefore, is 55.

2. This challenge lasts from 9/9/09 through 10/10/10.

3. Crossovers with other challenges are allowed and your lists may change at any time.

I'm not going to list anything ahead of time, but just list as I go. Wish me luck! :o)

1. The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher--1/2/10
2. Burn by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy--1/26/10
3. Beguiled by Deeanne Gist and J. Mark Bertrand--1/29/10
4. The Pastor's Wife by Jennifer AlLee--2/4/10
5. Abigail by Jill Eileen Smith--2/20/2010
6. Plain Jayne by Hillary Manton Lodge--2/25/2010
7. Love Finds You in Homestead, Iowa by Melanie Dobson--3/19/2010
8. Heart of Stone by Jill Marie Landis--3/24/2010
9. Sixteen Brides by Stephanie Grace Whitson--4/2/2010
10. Asking for Trouble by Sandra Byrd--4/4/2010

1. Mohamed's Moon by Keith Clemons--9/10/09
2. In the Arms of Immortals by Ginger Garrett--9/21/09
3. Bo's Cafe by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol, and John Lynch--9/23/09
4. The Red Siren by MaryLu Tyndall--10/3/09
5. Stretch Marks by Kimberly Stuart--10/7/09
6. If Only You Knew by Mags Storey--10/8/09
7. The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall--10/11/09
8. Love is a Battlefield by Annalisa Daughety--10/18/09
9. Leaving Carolina by Tamara Leigh--10/22/09

1. A Cut Above by Ginny Aiken--9/13/09
2. In the Shadow of Lions by Ginger Garrett--9/16/09
3. Hidden by Shelley Shepard Gray--10/24/09
4. Someday by Karen Kingsbury--10/28/09
5. The Cat That Made Nothing Something Again--12/10/09
6. Face of Betrayal by Lis Wiehl and April Henry--12/21/09
7. The Face by Angela Hunt--12/29/09
8. The Bride Bargain by Kelly Eileen Hake--3/22/2010

1. The Parting by Beverly Lewis--2/22/2010
2. One Smooth Stone by Marcia Lee Laycock--3/12/2010
3. Petticoat Ranch by Mary Connealy--5/1/2010
4. The Other Daughter by Miralee Ferrell--7/8/2010
5. Shattered Dreams by Irene Spencer--7/16/2010
6. Where My Heart Belongs by Tracie Peterson--9/3/2010
7. The Lumberjack's Lady by Susan Page Davis--10/07/2010

1. The Soldier's Lady by Michael Phillips--10/18/09
2. Diamond Place by Robin Lee Hatcher--10/24/09
3. Abide with Me by Delia Parr--11/3/09
4. Weaving a Future by Susan Page Davis--10/01/2010
5. Banking on Love by Janice A. Thompson--10/10/2010
6. Mozart's Sister by Nancy Moser--10/10/2010

1. Gardenias for Breakfast by Robin Jones Gunn--2/21/2010
2. Fighting for Bread and Roses by Lynn A. Coleman--9/14/2010
3. Over the Waters by Deborah Raney--10/09/2010
4. Hearts Twice Met by Freda Chrisma--10/09/2010
5. Sooner or Later by Vickie McDonough--10/10/2010

1. Torch Red by Melody Carlson--3/6/2010
2. The Winter Pearl by Molly Noble Bull--5/29/2010
3. Brink of Death by Brandilyn Collins--7/26/2010
4. Light of My Heart by Ginny Aiken--8/2/2010
5. Stain of Guilt by Brandilyn Collins--8/7/2010

1. Babylon Rising by Tim Lahaye--11/10/2009
2. The Price of Freedom by Carol Umberger--8/9/2010
3. The Mark of Salvation by Carol Umberger--8/14/2010

1. A Sinister Silence by Jane Peart--1/9/2010
2. Halfway to Forever by Karen Kingsbury--3/14/2010

1. Lady of Light by Kathleen Morgan--9/28/09


  1. I joined this one too. I need help whittling down my TBR pile.

  2. I'm in too, and I have constructed a possible list of books to read. This is my first time participating in this challnege, and I hope I can complete it :) Come visit me here if you'd like. I've already read a couple of books for this challenge. I think it's going to be fun :)

  3. So glad you decided to participate!


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