Monday, September 14, 2009

Mailbox Monday

It's time again for Mailbox Monday! If you'd like to join in the fun, just go to The Printed Page...Marcia hosts this event every week.

Here's what came in my mailbox last week.....I had a GREAT week!

A Place in the Sun by Michael Phillips
The Recital by Robert Elmer
One Little Secret by Allison Bottke
The Presence by Bill Myers
A Mile in my Flip-Flops by Melody Carlson
The Night Watchmen by Mark Mynheir
Wisconsin by Andrea Boeshaar
Safe Haven by Hannah Alexander
Texas Belles by Kimberley Comeaux
The Blue Enchantress by M.L. Tyndall
Glimpses of Paradise by James Scott Bell
Home to Willowbrook by Carole Gift Page
Storms over Willowbrook by Carole Gift Page
Red and Lowering Sky by Lynn Morris
A Covenant of Love by Gilbert Morris
Empire Builders by Linda Chaikin
Tenderness and Fire by Robert Funderburk

Told ya I had a great week!!! Just about every one of these was because of BookMooch. If you haven't checked it out, and are just looking for a reason to....well, just look at that list! :o)


  1. WOW!! You got a LOT of books last week! Good for you. :)

    I can't wait to see your reviews for some of these...especially...One Little Secret by Allison Bottke. I've almost bought it on more than one occasion, but couldn't decide if I really wanted to read it or not. LOL

    Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Lori

    Here's my link:

  2. You certainly did get a bunch of books this week! Good for you! I think you'll love The Blue Enchantress!!

    XOXO~ Renee

  3. That's an amazing list of books for one week! What's "Wisconsin" about? I'm not familiar with it and that's my home state!

  4. Mary,

    It's a collection of 4 books set in the state of Wisconsin.


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