Friday, September 4, 2009

Review Policy and Rating System

I am always open for review requests for Christian fiction novels and various products.  If my review conditions below are satisfactory for you or your company, please feel free to email me at with your review request.  I will respond to your review request if I'm interested.  Thank you!  :o)

Review Policy for Books
  • All books requested to be reviewed WILL be reviewed. In addition to posting a review on this blog, reviews will be posted on Amazon and CBD.
  • I am not a professional book reviewer, but I do my best to give my honest opinion. I don't come across many books that I don't like, so negative reviews on this blog will seldom appear.
  • Books are not reviewed in the order they are received. This is partly due to the blog tours (see below) that I participate in, and I try to make sure those are taken care of first. I do not object to receiving books in ARC or e-book/Kindle format.
  • I participate in several blog tours which are set up in advance. If I have not had a chance to review your book by the date of the blog tour, I will post a synopsis of the book on the date the tour is scheduled.
Rating System for Books
  • 5 stars - One of the best books I have ever read.
  • 4 stars - Very well written, but not something that will stick with me.
  • 3 stars - Just an okay book, probably mediocre and predictable.
  • 2 stars - Not my cup of tea, but it may have a couple of redeeming qualities.
  • 1 star - No way, no how will I recommend this book to anyone.
  • As a side note..... I have only ever given a handful of books a 1-2 star rating as most books that I read, I generally like.
Product Review Policy
  • All products requested for review will be reviewed.  If the item is one that is available for sale on a consumer website (such as Amazon), my review will be posted there as well.
  • Items currently being accepted for review:  cooking and kitchen items; cookbooks; household items; cleaning products.
  • As with books, I am not a professional reviewer.  However, I am an honest one.  Products submitted for review will not be guaranteed a positive review, but an honest review, whether good or bad.

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