Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top Ten Books of 2010

I can hardly believe that 2010 has come and gone in the blink of an eye!!  There have been some truly fabulous books this year, and I have to seriously wonder if 2011 will be able to top it.  I mean, come on....TWO Francine Rivers books in one year (at 500 pages apiece, no less) says it ALL!!

So, these are my top 10 books for 2010.  Each book was published in 2010, and the genres are all over the place.  I've included the link to the reviews I did of each book, and I can assure you...these books are the best of the best!

In no particular order, here we go...

1. The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen (review)
2.  Her Mother's Hope by Francine Rivers (review)
3.  Her Daughter's Dream by Francine Rivers (review)
4.  Deceit by Brandilyn Collins (review)
5.  Predator by Terri Blackstock (review)
6.  The Sister Wife by Diane Noble (review)
7.  Masquerade by Nancy Moser (review)
8.  For Time and Eternity by Allison Pittman (review)
9.  Pearl in the Sand by Tessa Afshar (review)
10.  Seek Me With All Your Heart by Beth Wiseman (review)

Honorable Mention

June Bug by Chris Fabry (review) - This book was published in 2009, but it didn't cross my path until this year, and it was one of the most powerful books I read.  Highly recommended!!


  1. I have Loved (with a capital L) everything I've ever read by Julie Klassen and I bet The Silent Governess would have made my top ten list too if I'd gotten my hands on it. It's definitely in my TBR pile.

    I never finished Pearl in the Sand, but it gets such rave reviews I should really pick it up again.

  2. Joy, I know what you mean about Julie Klassen, even though The Silent Governess is the only book I've read by her so far. I've got her first two on my bookshelf waiting to be read.

    And Pearl in the Sand did have a little bit of a slow start, but I assure you, the second half of the book was where I couldn't put it down! Such a beautiful book!

  3. I've loved ALL of Julie Klassen's books! The Silent Governess would be on my top 10 too. Maybe I'll have to make a top ten list.

  4. You might have to, Colletta! I can't wait until her new one arrives...it's been a very impatient wait!

  5. I love your list. I haven't made mine yet. I thought I'd make it easier on myself by marking favorites as I went and so far I have thirty this year. {groan} I don't know how I'll pick from that list. I want to include them all!

  6. Lee, I understand completely! There were 4 or 5 others that I really enjoyed that easily could've gone on this list, but I really wanted to keep it to 10. Last year, I think my Top Ten consisted of 14 books!

  7. I like your list...I've read both of Francine River's books and Loved them. I've read all of Beth Wiseman's books and Seek Me With All Your Heart didn't disappoint! The Sister Wife was the only other one I've read on your list, I'm hoping the next book will answer some questions for me. I have Julie Lessman's a Hope Undaunted sitting here to be read.....actually have a big pile of TBR..better get going!

  8. Maureen,

    If you enjoyed The Sister Wife, I promise you'll love For Time and Eternity! I loved both books, but FTAE has a slight edge.

  9. WOW! I can't believe I've only read ONE book from your Top 10, Christy!

    I absolutely loved The Silent Governess, and just got my hands on her newest release, The Girl in the Gatehouse, a couple days ago. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

    Have a Happy New Year!


  10. Lori,

    That's okay...I'm sure you'll pick up one or two of them somewhere down the road. *grin*

    My copy of The Girl in the Gatehouse just arrived yesterday, and I am itching to get started on it!!! I'm really hoping it'll be just as great as The Silent Governess. ;o)

    Happy New Year to you, too!

  11. Thank you for sharing your list with us!

    Confession time: I haven't read ANY of the books on your list! Crazy!

    However, I hope to correct that soon, as I have Her Mother's Hope and Pearl in the Sand on my TBR stack. :)


  12. Amber,

    You can't go wrong with Her Mother's Hope. I had that one read in 24 hours, as well as the one after it. Some of the best books she's written in a long time, IMO! ;o)


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