Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time to Share Some Award Love!

Wow!!  How blessed am I to have two of my sweetest bloggy friends think of me.  I got an award yesterday first from Renee and sort-of from Lori later on. *wink*  Renee and Lori were two of the first people I made friends with in the blogging world, and I love reading their thoughts and book reviews as often as I can. 

I wanted to pass it around to some of my newer blogging friends...

Kelli at I'd So Rather Be Reading

Joy at Edgy Inspirational Romance

Colletta at Colletta's Kitchen Sink

...and to a few of my older bloggy friends...

CeeCee at BookSplurge

Margaret at Creative Madness Mama

These are some great blogs that have super-sweet people behind them that share their thoughts on life, food, and books. 

P.S.  I'm convinced that Colletta is going to cause me to gain 20 pounds from all the yummy recipes that she posts on her blog.  Most of them are desserts, too, which makes her blog extra good!  :o)


  1. Thanks so much for the award and the shout-out for my blog.

    I have to use the Make & Take Method with my baking. I only bake on Wednesday and Saturday (usually) because I can take whatever I bake to church and get it our of my house!

  2. Hi Christy,

    That is a beautiful award! Thanks so much of thinking of me. :)

    I can't wait to check out some of the other blogs you listed.


  3. You're so sweet! You chose to pass it on to some awesome blogs too!

    XOXO~ Renee

  4. Colletta,

    I think your Make and Take method is a good plan! Maybe I need to try that...


    You're so welcome!!


    Thanks! I've discovered a LOT of new blogs lately, and I'm loving all the new friends that I'm making, too. :o)

  5. Christy,

    Your post made my day seriously. I'm so glad God worked in your life through it. I know for me every time I read the interviews, God gave me a new "gem." BUT there are so many other blogs that bless, I wish I could have featured every single one.

    Thanks for becoming a new follower. I have to say you are one of my favorite "review writers" on goodreads :)

  6. Julia,

    I couldn't believe it today when I checked my blog list that you weren't on it...I knew I needed to fix that up immediately! :o)

    You should consider doing your blog ministry feature once or twice a year...I'm sure a lot of people would be blessed by it. :o)

  7. Congrats on the CUTE award, Christy!

    I feel like I owe you an apology! When I post comments on your blog, I usually come directly thru the emails I get from FeedBlitz, so I never see your "Home" page. I just saw your post at the top about your hubby's ordeal and feel really bad for not being here sooner to let you know that I would be praying for y'all and that I'm here for you! I'm so sorry!

    Thanks for mentioning me in your award post, even though I didn't actually pass it along! You and Renee were the first friends I made on Blogger, and you helped me get started reviewing books -- thank you!

    I'm so glad your hubby is getting better. I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.


  8. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me!! I hope you husband continues to improve daily.


I love your comments!! They make me happier than cold sweet tea on a hot summer day! :o)